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Devin, Tacoma

Dulce was absolutely amazing and we couldn't have been happier to work with such an understanding and helpful person! She was GREAT!

Tyler Leonhardt & Nicole Pennington

Christi really knocked it out of the park and I will be recommending here to all my future friends and family looking for housing in the Seattle area. We got along well, and she very quickly got us through dozens of houses until we landed on a place we can see ourselves living long term. Her years of experience were a huge value to our house-buying process and her ability to understand our preferences led us to a perfect home. Christi also put us in contact with a lender who made sure we were confident when we signed our mortgage paperwork. Christi is a first-rate professional and I'm very happy that we got to work together.

Paula C Coos Bay OR

The broker was great. Christi is amazing. Really good. Couldn't have done it without her. She's smart and amazing hard worker, always with a smile. I've worked with her before and she's the only one for me. Can't say enough good things about her, she never ceases to amaze me. All of the above! Love her!

Cori Kelly, Shoreline WA

Dulce helped us navigate purchasing our new home with ease. Her clear communication and knowledge of the market made us feel safe and secure. Always creating the bigger picture for us kept us in line and on track! Would've been lost without her. She's also really funny, down to earth, and makes the process so much less intimidating than it could be.

Cori Kelly, Shoreline WA

Dulces advice on how to handle offers and which direction we should go was crucial. Without her knowledge we would've been lost. We completely followed her lead and are so grateful that we did because our house sold in two days! Dulce was on time, professional, hilarious, knowledgeable, very communicative, SO PATIENT, and very trustworthy. She calmed us down when things got tense and really was able to show us the big picture!

Dave & Patty - Federal Way

Dulce Mason was great during the entire process of selling our home making it as seamless as possible. She went above and beyond, helping us with some unusual circumstances, such as when we got very sick and almost had to delay a home inspection. She helped us THE day we were moving out and our kitchen sink faucet decided to leak and our plumber couldn't come out for a few days. She arranged to have it replaced by her contractor that day. She has gone way above and beyond any expectations and saved the day for us again! Dulce's knowledge of real estate, her understanding of the market and ability to explain it in detail to us, was excellent. Her recommendations were spot on. We received multiple offers immediately and were very pleased.

Sally Noland Kirkland

My condo neighbor use Arielle and spoke highly of her. She offered to pay for staging, cleaning, and above all else, I feel she is honest, easy to work with, and open/thorough with communication. Arielle walked me through every step of the process and was always prompt in answering my questions. I did interview an agent from another company and I am more than glad that I went with Arielle. I would highly recommend her for any one looking to buy/sell a property.

Chris & Tammy Schaffer, Federal Way, WA

Every staff member we dealt with was professional and completely on top of the process. I cannot be more enthusiastic about my recommendation of working with Dulce. She is a delight to work with. She can identify the best features of your home and knows how to present it to the market. Every interaction with Dulce was pleasant and reassuring. She toured the other homes for sale in our neighborhood and knew, innately, I think, what ours was worth - not just monetarily - but also the features of our home that make it a joy to live in. She could confidently tell our buyers that they couldn't find a house that ticked their boxes better than ours because she really did her research. Dulce honestly earns her commission - she even came over to help move items when it looked like we weren't going to meet our move out deadline! She loaded stuff in her car and took it to our next place!

Janice, Spokane, Wa

He is wonderful, considerate, talented in his field and knows what he is doing. His ability to do what needed to be done allowed us to relax and know he had our backs. All aspects of the sale of our home were communicated to us quickly which helped to sell our home in an amazingly fast time frame. Conrad helped us make decisions we really weren't sure about. He would talk us through those decisions and what was best and then let us make our final decision. We appreciate him very much!!

Singh Marysville

No one will be disappointed with Jeremy ,his performance is outstanding

Karen Keilly, Seattle

Michael is responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Michael is an overall great person to have on your home buying team.

Maddison Gutierrez, Federal Way/Seattle

Dulce Mason is and continues to be one of the best agents we had the pleasure of working with in the Western WA area. To work with her is an honor. She is extremely professional, has great attention to detail, efficient, very communicative, a strategist like you would never believe and the reason we have finally found our dream home. We will continue to sing her praise and recommend to her to all those in search of an agent. You would be in no better hands if you chose her for your home buying/selling process!

Pa Foday

I am a returning seller client of Dulce. Have used her for 3 strasactions already and will definitely be using her for my future transactions too. Very knowledgeable, professional and confident. Overall a great agent and will definitely recommend her to others.

Joan in Seattle

Christi was at all times professional and trustworthy and that was extremely important to us. Her professionalism, knowledge and experience exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our sale. Highly recommend Christi.

Gaby & Shann Brassfield, Burien

Dulce is amazing to work with and has helped us purchase our last 2 homes. She is very professional, takes the time to understand our needs, budget and timeline, and is always quick to respond. She always comes up with creative ways to structure our offers to put us in the best possible situation and has lots of knowledge on the Seattle and surrounding neighborhoods! We would definitely use Dulce again in the future and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home!

Andrei, Semiahmoo

I had worked with Nancy previously on the purchase of this property a year and a half ago. Nancy did such a great job I did not even think of considering another broker. I'm really happy I was able to work with Nancy again! Nancy was very communicative and kept everything on schedule. Great work, Nancy!

Andrei, Semiahmoo

Nancy was my broker for my first home purchase, a condo, in 2021 and I was so pleased I had absolutely no doubt who to call this time! Nancy answered and was amazing. Nancy went above and beyond navigating a complicated contingent offer close on a new home while listing my condo. With lots of balls in the air, Nancy was incredibly communicative and made me feel very comfortable and confident. A big THANK YOU to Nancy for helping in such a big way the biggest decision of my life! 100%, 10/10, A+ performance by Nancy, need I say any more?

Ali S., Seattle, WA

Chantal was great at making me feel comfortable with taking my time and finding the house that was JUST right. Other realtors I've talked to made me feel rushed or pressured to buy, and she had a much more client-focused approach that made working with her the exact type of realtor I want! Chantal was an expert at guiding me through the process, being very quick and responsive, and dedicating late nights (especially during the negotiation process) to ensure our offer was the first. Her commitment to working at all hours of the day to get answers from the other realtor (and his team) was the icing on the cake - she was incredibly professional and personable. Chantal was absolutely incredible in all of these categories. It was truly a joy to work with her during this process and I can't imagine working with anyone else in the future. I will gladly recommend her to anyone and everyone I know! Chantal was absolutely amazing in the entire process of buying a home. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, kind, and communicative. I cannot emphasize enough how much working with her made this process smooth and effortless.

Ryan, Woodinville

We've worked with Kelli many times over the years and she's always been great! With our recent sale, there was a lot of interest with showings and offers - Kelli was always on top of it and keeping us in the loop. She goes above and beyond with marketing materials, open houses, etc. and wants to get the best deal for you. We highly recommend working with Kelli!

Sonny Campbell, Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Shari took the time to get to know our family and understand our situation and our needs. She was so kind and helpful. We were impressed by her knowledge. I very much enjoyed working with Shari. During economic times when it was difficult to sell a house, Shari and I communicated throughout the for-sale process and made adjustments when needed. I appreciate her professionalism. The economy and ARCH restrictions made selling the house difficult and, at times, frustrating. Shari helped us meet challenges and our goal.