Broker Testimonials

The work we do is centered on people outside of the office. I shouldn't need much help after 23 years but I cannot imagine not having the resources behind Sterling Johnston. The Owner/Brokers are very responsive & well-versed in the details & legal issues. The office is friendly & welcoming to both me & my clients. Leadership is always cultivating bigger, better, & best in a changing business. People are more important than money. That is how I work & how Sterling Johnston sees our service to this community.

Pam Schmoll

The most appealing aspect about Sterling Johnston was the leadership team and the apparent desire to want to listen to the agent to help them do what they needed, not what the leadership team thought was needed. The economic incentive was alluring as well, the pricing is more towards a discount brokerage but with more service like a full service brokerage. I have been very happy with the support staff, they are knowledgeable and given the opportunity to make a situation fair and right without having to jump through a million hoops. Shows a lot of trust, which is carried forward.

Brett Bonner

End of year 2015 a recruiter from Sterling Johnston called, his pleasant approach piqued my interest and after talking for 3 months with all key partners at Sterling Johnston, I made what I hoped to be the “last switch” in Real Estate. Having worked with several big name companies in the Greater Seattle area in the past years I opted for a smaller scale, quality outfit. At Sterling Johnston, my criteria were met: A boutique style office with helpful staff & professional back up from owners. Sterling Johnston’s property management division allowed me to hand over my leasing clients. Last but not least, Sterling Johnston offers individual mentor ship which I will use to keep focus on my job! I am happy we found each other. 

Linda Cassee

I am very pleased with my transition to Sterling Johnston Real Estate. Having been here a few years I can say I made the right decision to make a move. I am impressed with the high level of integrity which is  extremely important to me. I find it refreshing that Sterling Johnston views the brokers as their clients offering us tools to help our business. I feel they are pro-active about new offerings and staying on top of the changing market. I like that Sterling Johnston respects us an independent business owners, hires experienced brokers and provides whatever assistance best meets our needs. I am very happy with Sterling Johnston. 

Amy Barley

I’ve been with Sterling Johnston Real Estate 5 years now. Integrity of a firm and its principles was of utmost importance to me when deciding to move my license to Sterling Johnston Real Estate and they have not let me down in this area. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and experience level of the management and ownership group. I like the autonomy and trust along with the mentorship provided in pursing your own business goals and growth plans in partnership with Sterling Johnston Real Estate. I like knowing that if I need anything or have questions they will be there to provide guidance or collaborate with me in order to achieve my goals in partnership with them. Due to my specialization in the multifamily sector it’s has been very helpful to have the full service of the property management division as an added feature and benefit to clients buying apartment buildings. If you’re looking for a company that will stand beside you and truly give you the independence, trust and tools to succeed and offer you resources, training and collaboration you have found it here with Sterling Johnston Real Estate. They truly operate with you and your success in mind.

Donna Marshall

Sterling Johnston has been more than supportive and is an office committed to excellence. The staff and Broker Services Team are all personable and friendly which makes settling in even easier. There is a sense of camaraderie and I feel genuinely welcome the moment I walk in the office. With their positive spirit and uplifting attitudes, it's a joy to work here.

Diane Young

I was immediately impressed with Sterling Johnston Real Estate. Their state-of-the-art technology, team support, professional property management services and the whole Sterling Johnston approach to my business aligned with my interests. The energy, professionalism and dedication of the Broker Services Team is fantastic!

Sahar Lim

The Sterling Johnston 90 Days to Success Program has been a powerful, holistic, change to both life and business. I’m never looking back!

Chic Peri

I made the move to Sterling Johnson Real Estate after I learned two of the owners are real estate attorneys.  I find this service extremely valuable, for in the event I find myself in a tough transaction, I have a  broker on duty to give me correct advice.  Other reasons include; broker split, a professional staff who provides outstanding customer service,  access to dynamic promotional and marketing materials, and a free personal website.  On top of that the office specializes in commercial, residential , and has a property management division.  My clients and I couldn't ask for anything more out of a brokerage. The help this office has provided me thus far not only alleviates many of my business stresses, but provides me with security which in turn allows me to SELL more real estate.  Today I am able to work even harder at being the best I can be for my valued clients.  Everyone at this office will take your business seriously and they will work hard for you, hurry and come join us! 

Aundrea Stoyanov

I was looking for a company that has a better marketing program and a great support team. This brokerage offered me that and more! What I especially love about the staff is, whenever I have a question or problem they will always help me immediately.

Karen Ceurvorst

Sterling Johnston isn’t just any another Real Estate Firm. They are real, qualified, professional, honest and exert the ethics that are instilled in who I am, and how I want to run my business. Sterling Johnston has brought me so much beyond just my business. I can call or reach out to anyone in our community for support, referrals, help and questions without hesitation. I’m proud to say I’m a part of the Sterling Johnston community. I wear my title proudly, as a broker of this firm, because of what they represent and how they support my individual growth. I also feel warmly welcomed during events and feel spoiled with opportunities to stay closely connected. Sterling Johnston is centered around relationships, and they hold value to each individual. They take the time to reach out and connect to be available any way possible. The care, attention and connection is wonderful. I don’t only grow with my business, but also with the relationships that evolve between it all. I am also pleased with the resources that Sterling Johnston provides. They help me stay current and up to date, allowing me to be equipped for various avenues in my business. They offer in-home marketing, coaching and different events for me to utilize for business growth. I feel passionate about my personal choice to join Sterling Johnston and I am pleased with my experiences in whole. 

Rebecca McClain

My expectations are high. I have worked at three real estate companies over the years, and Sterling Johnston Real Estate is exceptional. I am impressed with the integrity, the client-first philosophy, and the good communication here. The broker-owners are innovative, positive, and forward thinking (such as offering 3D walkthrough photography). They are readily available for questions and discussions, and stay current with real estate issues. The office staff is excellent and supportive.

Rita Hampson

I am glad to be part of this company. They are a great team of true professionals and always supportive, and caring. It’s is a fantastic company to work with an agent.

Cornelia Stein

The team atmosphere really caught my attention when considering changing brokerages. Sterling Johnston Real Estate has such a cooperative spirit and are focused on fostering personal growth within each of their brokers. Individuals on the Broker Services Team are always available to talk when needed which prevents agents from feeling lost in the shuffle. The positive and encouraging environment they provide really helped solidify my decision.

Cheri Westphal

I really appreciate the local ownership of Sterling Johnston. The owners provide excellent mentoring, business/legal consultation as necessary, and they are readily accessible. These are great benefits in a complex, fast paced real estate market.

Ken Carlson

Sterling Johnston's culture and philosophy is the best I've ever been around, and one of always thinking forward. They have some of the greatest technology (3D Home Walkthroughs!) and strongest marketing teams in the industry. I love the leadership and culture developed from the Sterling Johnston ownership group. The bigger brand culture is always established out of state and here I feel like an integral part of the community.

Nick Badran

Almost two years ago we made the decision to transition our company to partner with SJA and it was an absolute game changer for us!  We have been able to elevate our business and expand our brand with their help and support. One of the biggest points of difference is their customized business coaching and one on one support. They took the time to get to know us, dive deep into our business, and then offer support and guidance to help us reach our goals. They are flexible and adaptable to our changing business needs and are always going the extra mile to ensure we are successful. The value they offer is unrivaled with other brokerages and we cannot recommend them enough!

Emily Goodrich

The professional support and overall team environment at Sterling Johnston was a big draw. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eirik in the past and really enjoyed his entrepreneurial spirit, his positive well-informed support, and the fact that he’s a highly regarded real estate attorney, over the years. The various marketing programs and training can’t be beat. Returning to Sterling Johnston for me is like returning to my safe happy place, surrounded by capable, good people that share the integrity, confidence and trust, so important to my referral based business.

Waverly Cassill

Re-joining Sterling Johnston was an easy decision. I was out of the state for four years and now that I'm back in the area I wanted to be back with a group of professionals with high integrity. Plus, my previous client base included property management and Sterling Johnston offers that service with the same level of expertise.

Lynn Norton

I moved my business to Sterling Johnston Real Estate for three reasons.  Two of the partners are licensed attorneys which means that I have experts on my team.  The level of support that I receive from the Broker Services Team is above what other brokerages offer and the compensation plan allows me to invest in my business where I see best.

Katie Casali

SJRE is helping my business by constant communication from the office, which keeps me more active in my business. I don't necessarily respond to all happenings, but stay aware of all the training and most importantly, the updates on any and all real estate related updates/changes. Communication is important to me & I've called Rick and Eirik on a couple of occasions and response time was immediate. There is always a friendly voice on the other side of the phone offering support in whatever it is that I may need. I have no sense of concern as the support staff is incredibly friendly, professional and definitely stay on top of things. Of course, you also kick butt with your encouragement and guidance.  Incredibly helpful, making sure I don't miss any blind spots. Regarding the baseball event. I received 3 sales from last year's event which brought in $45,000.00 gross commissions. I only sent out about 25 flyers and the clients from last year are attending next week's game.

Bo Villacis

Sterling Johnston Real Estate has been able to blend the right attributes of old school, ethical, hardworking agents with the correct amount of technology, mentoring, and actual support systems. At SJRE, they believe and understand that entrepreneurship offers some of the best foundations for success in this industry, and leverages off of that with their agents. 

Ron Robin

The great thing about SJRE is that you never feel like a number. All the principals are available to strategize and help grow your business or simply listen to an interesting or challenging situation you may have had. I love how positive and nurturing the SJRE environment feels and it starts at the top. Everyone hired by SJRE has a cohesive personality that makes the team fire on all cylinders. I think the SJ ownership has done an excellent job in positioning the company to be one of the fastest growing in the state thanks to smart hiring, embracing new technology and a passion for real estate.

Elliott Nutt

I joined Sterling Johnston in March of 2015. All around it has been a wonderfully positive experience. The company is set with procedures and processes that made my transition smooth. From marketing support to helping with transnational questions, there is always someone available. Eirik ensured that I was set up with everything I needed and has been available to me around the clock (even on a Saturday afternoon as I was writing up an offer). When I asked complex questions, he has been available to work through them with me and when I have been in a time crunch, the Broker Services Team have jumped into assist. I can’t imagine being part of a better team and I look forward to a long and prosperous future with Sterling Johnston by my side.

Pippa Carson

I decided to switch to Sterling Johnston mainly because they truly allow me the flexibility to run my business the way I want to. They're willing to give me support where I may want it or allow me as much independence as I'd like. Overall their business model was in alignment with my business goals. I look forward to a future with personal and professional growth.

Wendy Pedersen

Sterling Johnston is a professionally run company with a real estate attorney as one of the principals on site. The helpful and knowledgeable staff has been an incredible resource to me since joining this firm. They also provide experienced, professional property management services for residences within the Puget Sound area. The centrally located Redmond office was a great draw for my business and the broker fees are very reasonable.

Kevin Hunt

In my brief tenure here at Sterling Johnston, I found the management and the broker support staff to be very helpful and supporting of the brokers' needs and goals. I can always rely on their involvement and direction whether working on transactions or marketing efforts.

Emin Gabrelians

I chose to move my business to Sterling Johnston for several reasons: 1.) their management demonstrates a personal interest and commitment in helping me be successful in my business; 2.) in-house technical, marketing and administrative support which is readily available to brokers; 3.) it’s a company small enough to be flexible and innovative, yet large enough to provide necessary systems and support and 4.) they’re committed to relationship building among brokers and the communities in which they work.

Linda Keylon

It really came down to the fact that my previous brokerage was just too expensive. I was paying big for the big name, and eventually realized I didn’t need their name. I have proven I earn and keep my clients on my own merit. I felt that the bigger brand brokerages are too corporate-ran and I wanted a company that felt more personal, more local. I especially liked that Sterling Johnston is owned by two attorneys who are available to their brokers for questions on transactions, that was a big plus.

Kelsey Bellin

Having been in mortgage lending in the past, it gave me a glimpse of how different Real Estate offices conduct business. That's why, when I decided to get my brokers license, choosing a real estate company to work with was easy. There is no doubt Sterling Johnston is who I want by my side in this business. There is no compromise...their standards are set high. Integrity, high ethical standards and client satisfaction is what they're all about.

Maria Molina

I moved my business to Sterling Johnston Real Estate because the Coaching and Consulting that is tailored to my business helps me create a plan that inspires me. The Broker Services Team supports me so that I can give my clients a level of service that is the best version of myself. The leadership team is available and approachable and two of the owners are licensed attorneys.

Claudia Castillo

Although most real estate brokers are viewed as sales people, I have always endeavored to make my career about personal service based on caring and empathy because everyone’s situation is unique. When I met Eirik, Derek and Devin, I knew instinctively that Sterling Johnston embraced my goals and I felt at home. I really appreciated the staff and their positive, can do approach to broker support. Hard to believe that I am now in my 27th year in the always interesting real estate industry and so really grateful to be a part of the Sterling Johnston team!

Shari Laverty

SJRE has absolutely impacted my business. The team and office have been amazing in growing my business. If I ever have any questions I've got everyone's direct lines which is rare in a company and very, very helpful! The marketing is clean and crisp and presents me in a professional manner. There is plenty of training if anyone needs/wants. It's the difference between a Ross and a Nordstrom in terms of service and professionalism overall! 

Arielle Albinger

Lori has been a real estate broker for over 16 years and adds tremendous value to Sterling Johnston. She is known for providing her clients with excellent service, integrity and discretion. She stated, “It was time for me to make a change from RE/MAX and there was only one place I considered. I have worked with Eirik, Devin and Derek before many years ago and knew they were men of integrity. In turn, I knew that Sterling Johnston Real Estate was the best choice for me.”

Lori Bauermeister

What attracted me to Sterling Johnston is the support of the management and staff to help brokers take their business to the next level. Their support, encouragement and accountability is unmatched in the industry and they provide their brokers the individualized attention and direction needed to reach their goals. The company is also forward thinking with their technology which is critical to stay competitive in this industry.

Craig Avis

Sterling Johnston was the best brokerage I could have chosen, they have been positive, appreciative and supportive of my business. They are there when I need them, and they’re constantly offering new tools to help me grow.

Patricia Love

This is my second  year with the SJRE family. I am so proud to be part of this wonderful office. This is the best business move I've ever made in my 14 year career. I am wife and a mother of one and a two year old, and as crazy as that can be, I was still able to close 15 transactions last year. If you are looking for a highly professional, caring staff, powerhouse office, this is the right place for you.

Celene Hernandez

For me, it was an easy switch. My decision was based on the fact that Sterling, Johnston helped me zone in on my inner confidence and personal goals. Their support and mentoring is unlike anywhere else. I didn't even have to think twice about the change. I am just thankful that this brokerage is willing to invest in me and my future. This is going to be an exciting journey!

Kaydee St. Hilaire

I decided to join Sterling Johnston Real Estate for a number of reasons the main reason is that I can be an independent agent and run my business as I see fit but I have solid experienced back office support from management, brokers and office staff. I feel the management team run on the same core values that I have. Simple core values like “always do the right thing” “customer first” crucial values to succeed in real estate.

Sinead Fennell

Sterling Johnston's level of support and involvement with their brokers is unsurpassed in this industry. The collective support I receive on a daily basis from the staff shows me this team has the experience, sophistication and knowledge necessary to help me in any situation that may arise. Their excitement and passion for the industry truly shines!

Maria Quinteiro

I decided to join Sterling Johnston Real Estate the moment I talked to Rick and Derek. They took the time to understand the kind of business I want to build, and show me how the model they follow is the right fit for me at this moment. Here I am the leader of my own business and not blindly applying the methods I am expected to, even if they don’t feel right. Having someone as experienced and respected as Eirik as a coach is something I am looking forward to. And of course, all the helpful staff and nice office space very well located in the heart of Redmond is just another plus for me in this change.

Gina Guajardo

I always say the reason I joined Sterling Johnston Real Estate, is they are a company that provides me with a lot of support from The Broker Services Team. The culture is great because of the great people and the fact that it is drama free. What is costs me to run my business at Sterling Johnston Real Estate is so affordable, that it allows me to invest in myself and my business.

Maura Larson

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