Short Sale & Distressed Property

SJRE has assembled a team of professionals to help guide our clients who find themselves in a situation where they need to sell their home, but owe more than it is currently worth.  Our short sale system has been praised by our clients, as it minimizes their stress by maximizing the chances of a successful closing, and the likelihood of our client walking away owing nothing.

SJRE has identified four areas which must all work in concert, and be properly managed, in order to provide our clients with a successful resolution to their short sale. They include:

1. Real Estate Marketing and Sales – Our short sale listings receive the same state of the art marketing approach as our other listings. With short sales, nothing can happen until we have an offer in hand from a qualified buyer. Our marketing program maximizes the exposure of your home to the largest pool of qualified buyers.

2. Law – The legal ramifications related to a pre-foreclosure or short sale situation can be significant. Our team includes a real estate attorney from the law firm Davidson, Czeisler and Kilpatric who consults with people facing short sales or foreclosure daily.

3. Short Sale Negotiation – An independent short sale negotiation professional is critical to closing a short sale transaction, and minimizing the amount owed by our short sale clients. Our short sale negotiator has years of experience and relationships with all of the major lending institutions, which provides a distinct advantage when finalizing terms in a high-pressure situation.

4. Escrow – In typical real estate transactions, the role escrow plays is not as critical as in short sales. Short sales often involve last minute changes, and incredibly tight timelines, which makes it critical to engage with an escrow office experienced in short sales. SJRE entrusts its short sales to the escrow team at the law firm of Davidson, Czeisler and Kilpatric.

5. Closing the Deal – SJRE’s short sale team includes real estate brokers with a proven track record of closing short sale transactions. The average short sale transaction can take months to complete, and requires an incredible attention to detail with a “never give up” mentality.

If you need to sell your home, and you owe more than it is worth, contact us today for a no cost and no obligation short sale consultation. (425-285-1324;

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