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Your Designated Broker is here to help you achieve the level of success that you desire.

Eirik Olsen’s unique approach to leadership is a rare blend of logic and insight. As an attorney, his expertise includes real estate law, contracts, protection and sound judgement. When it comes to relationships and people, Eirik comes from a place of mindfulness and consciousness. With decades of real estate and entrepreneurial experience, Eirik is known to be one of the best Designated Brokers in the business.
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Looking for help, support, advice or guidance on the following?
Eirik is just a phone call away.

  • Review contracts, addenda and contract language
  • Provide guidance on:
    • working with buyers
    • working with sellers
    • offer strategy
    • listing strategy
    • risk management
    • creating and manifesting goals
Ask Eirik
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