Mission Statement

Empowering the personal and professional lives of our brokers through a commitment to positive interactions, meaningful relationships, a welcoming community, and excellence.

Core Values

1. Calmness and Stability

We ensure the office, and each of us individually, provides our brokers with a calm, stable, and professional presence and environment.

 2. Service

We deliver “wow experiences” to our brokers.

 3. Pursue Growth and Learning

We improve ourselves, individually, so  we will be more effective in helping our brokers and Sterling Johnston Real Estate meet and exceed their goals.   

 4. Collaboration and Teamwork

We keep our egos in check so our attention can be focused on co-creating positive and effective solutions to the issues at hand.

 5. Communication

We are committed to leaving the person we’re interacting with feeling better than when the interaction started. We look at each interaction with our brokers as an opportunity to reaffirm the reason they decided to join Sterling Johnston.

 6. Responsibility

We take responsibility for not just doing the minimum, or for waiting for someone else to act, but for acting to create the best possible experience for our brokers.


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