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360 Degree Evaluation – Our coaching and consulting services always start with a thorough, 360 Degree Evaluation of the current state of your business as well as a look to where you want to take your life and business in the future.

The Fundamentals – For those brokers who are committed to working by referral, we offer coaching and consultation services in what we have identified as the four critical and fundamental areas of a referral-based business:

1) Creating a database.

2) Sorting the database into categories based on referability.

3) Creating a simple action plan for each of the categories.

4) Action and accountability.

The Next Level Program – For those brokers ready to take their business to the Next Level we offer our Next Level Program which includes 5 powerful components:

1) A thorough 360 Degree Evaluation.

2) A robust brand and marketing consultation.

3) A 12 week Peak Producers training course where you meet regularly with a small group and learn, in-depth, what it takes to run a referral-based real estate business.

4) A recap and next steps meeting and consultation where we will review what you have learned in the previous 14 weeks, and chart a course for the future.

5) Ongoing meetings and accountability. When you graduate from the Next Level Program, your business will have substantially improved – guaranteed!

One-on-one, On Demand, Coaching and Consulting Services - No matter what the problem is you’re trying to solve, or goal you’re trying to reach, our team of coaches and consultants is ready, willing, and able to meet with you to ensure you path to success is clear. You can schedule time with us as you need it to address any and all challenges you are confronted with as you run and grow your business.

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