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Maintaining an Open Mind Can Make a Big Difference in Your Career

While opportunities exist outside of ourselves, the perception of something being an opportunity exists inside of us.

Maintaining a perpetual state of mind that every experience is an opportunity to learn, to grow or to improve keeps us both ambitious and humble — and in the best possible position to step into greatness.

Sounds simple, right?  So what holds us back from just being open?



  1. Self-judgement.  When we listen to that voice in our head that says we’re “not good enough” — not qualified, not worthy or not destined for it — we tend to either shy away or reject things or experiences that could end up being positive or even life-changing.
  2. High-handedness.  When that voice tells us we’re “too good for it”, meaning too high-ranking, superior or overqualified, we fixate that our way is, of course, the best way — a response that ultimately blocks us from embracing new ideas and seeking out different perspectives.

Think back to a time when you were first learning to do something, such as starting a new career, learning a new skill or sport, planning to travel to a foreign country. What was your state of mind? Chances are you had a naturally open mind. Going back to or maintaining the mindset of someone just starting something new helps us to be more optimistic, eager to learn and open to new ideas.

Characteristics and practices of open-minded real estate agents

They work at self-love.
Practices: meditate to clear your mind of negative thoughts*; say or write confidence-building, empowering, uplifting affirmations; celebrate successes. *try the app called Insight Timer.

They are curious to hear what others think.
Practices: make and take opportunities to network and share ideas with colleagues and clients, ask open-ended questions, listen more often.

They offer custom-tailored services.
Practice: learn what clients want first and then deliver customized solutions around those needs.

They view problems and failures as opportunities.
Example: lost a listing because you were unprepared? On the bright side…now you know what to do next time.

They show enthusiasm for growth, change and improvement.
Practices: take classes, watch and learn from others, credential up, write a mission & vision statement, make goal-setting a habit.

They are willing to try new things.
Practices: embrace video messaging, download and learn that new app, become a mentor/team lead, align yourself with a philanthropy, host a client appreciation party.

Keeping an open mind helps keep your real estate practice fresh, exciting, and in forward motion.  As Colleen Hoover, author of Slammed, says, “Keep an open mind; it’s the only way new things can get in.”

By Kathryn Freitas, Sterling Johnston Real Estate