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Kjerstin Stupey-Churlin


Kjerstin Stupey-Churlin

Kjerstin Stupey-ChurlinRealtor® Broker

  • 425.344.4447
  • 16398 NE 85th Street Suite 200, Redmond WA 98052
  • WA license #137746

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Kjerstin Stupey-Churlin's Testimonials

“I appreciate the dedication hard work KJ provided for me.”
Brent Hampton
“Love Kjerstin, she was so very helpful throughout the whole sale, since we hadn’t sold or bought a house in over 30 years.Kjerstin helped us paint, wash walls,making sure everything went smoothly and efficiently. Would recommend Kjerstin to anyone who needs a awesome agent.”
Mike and Linda Cotton
“Kjerstin was absolutely fantastic and fit all our needs as a real estate broker, from taking the time to explain every document (as we were 1st time home buyers) to knowing the area. She was the perfect fit for us! Kjerstin was quick to respond and would check in frequently throughout the closing process to make sure all questions were answered and all paperwork/ things were submitted on time. It was the perfect amount of communication where we didn’t feel overwhelmed or lost. Kjerstin was accessible and so easy to talk to, I never felt silly texting her and asking questions. She was patient with us changing our wishlist and looking at different types of houses. We absolutely appreciated that! Overall we would absolutely recommend Kjerstin and she will be the first person we call when it’s time to find another house!”
Kristin Hall
“KJ focused on our needs and delivered amazing customer service and attention to detail!”
Kyle Hall, Mukilteo
“KJ was AMAZING!!! I could write an essay but here's a few of the bullet points. Clear and timely communication: She was great about answering calls or texts at all times of day or if she couldn't answer a call she was super dependable about calling back within 10-15 minutes. If she couldn't call back right away, she'd text to let us know she saw the missed call and provide an ETA on when she could call back. Detail oriented and knowledgeable: She spent a ton of time explaining the various details of offers and contracts to make sure we understood what we were signing ourselves (and our money) up for. When going on house tours it was readily apparent that she'd done her homework. She'd send us all available documents ahead of time and during the tour she'd bring up important details that she'd seen on pre-inspections and seller disclosures. When sending offers, she double-triple-quintuple checked everything to make sure numbers were correct and all the initials and signatures were in the right place. Trustworthy and Supportive: Timing worked out that we ended up trying to buy our first house in the worst seller's market. Prices were rapidly inflating around us and houses were on and off the market so quickly that it was frustratingly tough to keep up and maintain a positive outlook. It was clear from day one that KJ's primary interest was that we ended up with something that made us happy. On one occasion we were very nearly ready to send an offer only for me to realize that I was settling rather that being excited for that house. She'd already done a ton of work on that offer but KJ was completely understanding and ok with dropping it and moving on. She never lost her cool and always provided good insights throughout our process. KJ was the best cheer leader to have on our side. When we lost a bid, she always followed up with a positive affirmation for the next step on our path. She constantly looked for ways to improve how enticing our offer could be and no matter how exhausting it was, she was there to commiserate and remind us that our dream home was out there. After so many months of talking to KJ every day (sometimes multiple times a day), it really felt like I had not just a realtor but also a sister helping me through this process. I appreciated her every step of the way and will continue to recommend her to everyone I can.”
Kirsten Olin, Bothell
“Kjerstin did a great job! Se were selling a property that was a few hours away. She made sure the house was ready to sell. The house sold very quickly and the closing process was very smooth. Kjerstin has a great personality. We felt she was honest and made us feel very comfortable throughout the process. We would recommend Kjerstin to our others.”
Felicia Pierce Snohomish
“I interviewed three agents before selecting to go with Kjerstin Stupey. It was obvious right away to me that she had great communication skills, which was the most important quality I was looking for. She immediately understood what I was looking for in a house and had great suggestions for where to look, once I determined that Lake Stevens is where I wanted to end up. Kjerstin was always reachable by phone or email and was very responsive whenever I had a question. It didn't matter if it was about a house I wanted to tour, what was needed to formalize an offer or verbiage I didn't understand in the closing paperwork. When I would get frustrated about losing a house, sometimes before we could even take a tour, KJ kept things positive and kept searching for me. Eventually we found the perfect house! For a first time home buyer, I can't imagine this process going any smoother than it did this time with Kjerstin and Sterling Johnston”
Logan Moen, Lake Stevens
“Kjerstin Stupey was a pleasure to work with and I will be recommending her to all of my family/friends. We viewed tons of houses with her and when we finally found “the one” she helped us put in a competitive offer and then get everything we wanted through negotiation. She made the entire purchasing process stress free and the transaction was smooth from start to finish. Kjerstin is SO nice, professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about her clients. She went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and comfortable every step of the way.”
Kiera Dragich, Lake Stevens
“Kjerstin worked so hard to help us find our dream home. We truly felt like she cared so much about making sure we were happy with our decision. I would recommend Kjerstin to anyone who is looking to buy a home in the area. She grew up in the PNW and genuinely knows the area. She is also a very hard worker who put in 110% to make sure that we got the best deal possible.”
Jason Hiskey, Monroe
“Kjerstin studied recent sales, available inventory and market trends, she suggested a price that would bring the most interest and fastest sale for the property. There were 12 viewings and multiple offers within 48 hours! She did an excellent job reviewing all offers so I understood each one completely. Additionally, she was very thorough explaining the new requirements regarding COVID and brought a basket of footies wipes etc to ensure every ones safety.”
Edward Maze Chehalis, WA
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